Posted by: lafouch | January 2, 2010

A Mixed Bag

Dorothy and Marjorie

After writing about my Great-Grandfather Johnson and his stone chair, I came across this picture of my mother, Dorothy (the elder sister) and Marjorie (her younger sister) sitting on the Stone Chair in front of their summer home. Even though this blog was to be about Christmas and the family, I thought I should include this picture before it was lost. So, this blog is a mixed bag.

Now for Christmas: I have some fond memories of Christmas past. My mother enjoyed getting ready for the holidays and almost every year, getting ready included making something for each of us. One year it was tiny stuffed animals for our stockings and that was after we were all fully grown. Sometimes as you can see in these pictures it was the clothes we wore or the outfits our dolls wore.

I must have had a fascination with the Red Cross nurses because I remember painting a picture of a nurse in a parade. My mother kept the picture for many years. Here I found a picture of a doll in a Red Cross outfit that I don’t remember.

One year, it looks like my present was another baby sister. Here I am feeding my sister Linda while Anne looks on. Obviously sisters were as much fun as dolls at that age.
On Christmas morning, my father would go downstairs and get orange juice for us all. We were not allowed to go down until my grandparents, Nana and Harkie, arrived to watch us open presents. We would beg my father to tell us if Santa had come and he would usually tell us he didn’t see anything while he was down there.
Finally, everyone would be there and down we would rush. Most of the time Christmas would not be a disappointment. I do remember one year when I was temporarily disappointed though. I was a avid Nancy Drew mystery reader and what I wanted for Christmas was a mystery book. That year my father got me a beginning French book. When I asked why I didn’t get a mystery book, his explanation was that wasn’t French a mystery to me. I learned to be careful what I asked for then. An excellent lesson, don’t you think.


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