Posted by: lafouch | December 21, 2009

Traveling with My Family: Part 2

One of my earliest memories is of driving in a car in a snowstorm going to the next town. I remember the lights and the swirling snow. My father often reminded me that I had made them miss a train to his next stop early one morning when I refused to drink my orange juice. Years later I discovered that I had reactions to orange juice unless I ate something with it. Perhaps that is why I wouldn’t drink it. Or, perhaps I was just being naughty.
I liked traveling and living in hotels. I remember that one hotel had a small convenience store in it’s basement. I would take the elevator down to visit with the saleslady who was kind enough to entertain me for a while…something I think my mother appreciated. Some of our hotel rooms had a “Murphy Bed”. One evening my mother went for a relaxing bath and my father was reading the paper and watching me. The Murphy Bed was down and I got into the closet behind the bed and was playing happily there. All of a sudden the lights in the hotel went out. A call to the front desk let us know that there were electricians coming around to try and find the cause of the outage. My mother sat in her cooling tub while my father and I waited in the dark. Shortly there came a knock at the door and the electrician arrived with his flashlight. He searched around checking on my mother in the tub (probably discreetly) and then flashed his light into the closet behind the Murphy Bed. There he discovered why the lights had gone out. I had stuck a hairpin into the electric socket. Don’t know why, but I don’t remember feeling anything when I did. My mother and father had to apologize to a troupe of acrobatic entertainers that were practicing in a room down the hall and were upset when the lights went out. Other than that I think all was well.

A favorite memory of mine involved the Green Lantern Inn (Rochester, NY). We went out for dinner there one night (I must have been around 4 or 5) and what I have remembered all these years was that they served green ice cream that had been molded to look like a green lantern. It made a lasting impression. I hope they still serve that now.


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