Posted by: lafouch | October 26, 2009

Halloween Memories

As a child, choosing our Halloween costume didn’t mean a trip to the store…It meant a trip to an attic. Sometimes it was my Grandmother’s attic but mostly it was ours. Family friends traveled and brought back outfits from places we visited which often became our Halloween costumes. Judie in Hawaiian-CostumeOur attic was a wonderful place. There was the grass skirt from Hawaii that I got in the summer so I wore in then as well as for Halloween. I’m not sure where the Dutch costume came from but it was a wonderful one to wear as a descendant of Dutch settlers. It was warm too as it was made of wool. Made to last! I know that I wore it and my sisters wore it and the last time I saw it the trim had worn off. Dutch-Costume

When my father traveled to the Philippines after WWII, he brought back outfits including hats they wore in the rice paddies. They too became our Halloween costumes. If getting to know someone is done by stepping in their shoes, somehow, without really trying, we learned a bit about the world as well by wearing their clothes.

There were still things in the attic to wear when we got older. When I was a teenager going to a Haloween party, I wore a dress my grandmother had worn. I remember it was a beautiful pale blue. I loved it.

Linda and Anne In Costume (without masks)

Linda and Anne In Costume (without masks)

We usually went trick or treating in groups so, I must have been out with friends when my sisters’ picture was taken. I’ve always liked it.


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