Posted by: lafouch | October 12, 2009

Traveling With My Family: The Early Years

My father was a bank examiner, examining banks all over New York State. Because my mother didn’t like being left behind, I developed a love of travel and adventure. Sometimes I was packed up and sent to my grandparents and but often I was packed up and taken along when the trips were more extended. Albany, Syracuse, Ithaca and Oneida were towns I knew like the towns at home.
Evenings when we were traveling were often spent at local bowling alleys and bars with other examiners. I drank “Shirley Temples” and learned to play shuffleboard (table type) and bowl duck pins.

We lived this partially vagabond life for my “formative” years. When my sister, Anne, was born we continued to travel. We had a folding buggy which we took with us for Anne. During a winter trip, Anne became known as Blizzard Liz because every afternoon my mother and I would bundle up and get Anne and the buggy ready for a walk. When we’d gotten about a block from the hotel it would start to snow. We would dash (as fast as a five year old and a buggy could dash) back to the hotel where I would hold Anne while my mother collapsed the buggy. Then we’d dash inside to the warmth and safety of the hotel lobby. The next year my sister Linda was born and we gave up our nomadic ways.



  1. your travelling reminded me of my nomad life as an Royal Air Force child and then an Army wife and finally a wandering International banker! l also love photography. If you are interested or bord at some time here are my blogs!! Lynda
    My Blogs
    one image a day
    trying to create art each day

    • Glad my blog brought up memories for you. I hope they were good ones. I’ll be reading your blogs soon. Hope we’ll keep in touch. Judie

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