Posted by: lafouch | July 25, 2009

Summer Fun: Fairs



The summer county fair here in Marin is always held over the Fourth of July weekend. It the fun of the cotton candy, rides, fireworks, concerts, animals, pig racing, exhibits and lots of people.

That’s a lot more than we had at fairs when I was growing up. In fact, I don’t remember going to many county fairs as a child. Maybe that is why I have clear memories of going to the World’s Fair in New York. It was my first and biggest.

The New York World’s Fair, which opened in April of 1939 and closed in October of 1940, was called the “World of Tomorrow”. There were seven areas of the fair to visit: Communications and Business Systems, Community Interests, Food, Production and Distribution, Transportation, Government, and the Amusements Area It featured international exhibits (more during the first summer before the war started in Europe). I vaguely remember the Trylon and Perisphere that were the featured buildings at the site. That may have been because of a model we brought home.

Riding Fast

Riding Fast

The Carousel

The Carousel

What I do remember is that there was talk about the fair even before we went. I was told that if I swam the length of the pool I would have money to buy what I wanted at the fair. So, of course, I did. I think it might have been $5 but that seems very high now when I found out that admission was $.25 for children. They thought that was high at the time.

We must have attended the fair the second summer it was open as I look pretty tall in the pictures as you can see. My aunt, Marjorie, went with us. I remember one of the “rides” was a tunnel slide. You sat on a “magic carpet” and went into the dark to swirl down and out. I don’t know if Marjorie was really scared but she went up with me to the start and then convinced me to go down with her.

Marjorie and I

Marjorie and I

While that is the only ride I really remember, I can tell by the pictures that it was a wonderful day. You can see where I spent my money.






  1. Beautiful.

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