Posted by: lafouch | June 21, 2009

Summer Activities: Fishing: Part One

My Father Fishing

My Father Fishing

During my father’s last year of college he and his roommates moved off campus and into the woods where they lived off the land as much as possible. He liked the out-of-doors. I never remember him hunting in all the years I knew him. However, my parents honeymoon was spent wandering through the Canadian woods with camping gear and a canoe. They portaged from one lake to another (carrying the canoe above their heads). He talked about fishing for “muskies” there and what a challenge it was.

I’m sure he took me out fishing as a child though I have not memories or pictures of it. I do remember going down to the cove’s muddy bank to dig for worms.

Getting Worms

Getting Worms

Learning to Fish

Learning to FishWhen I was a teenager, my mother and father took my sisters and went back to Canada with another couple (Ruth and Harry) and their two boys. These friends were ones we had spent many summers with growing up. During the war while Harry was away fighting, Ruth and the boys spent summers with us. That’s when I remember my father fishing in the evenings.

Evenings he would go out, often by canoe to fish. It may have been to seek the quiet away from a house full of women and children. He was never discouraged by the lack of fish or by the lack of enthusiasm on the diners to whom he served the fish he’d caught and prepared. That lack of enthusiasm might have been engendered by the type of fish he caught; large-mouthed bass, pickerel, and perch. Lots of bones!

I always had a problem with these fish as when quite small one of my parents’ friends told me that if I got a bone stuck in my throat I would have to drink a bottle of vinegar to get rid of it. This off-hand comment has colored my appreciation of fish since.



  1. I finally had a chance to view the full blog and must say…it’s absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed reading all of it and look forward to more.

  2. Excellent pictures! Reading the text is like going on vacation…

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